Who We Are:

Ready to experience of a revolutionary change in the self-employment sector, that the huge part of the world economy, “Swarna Sanchitha” international organization which is opens in Sri Lanka for the first time in the world history to the benefit of the whole world.


Recent Work:

Who Loves Us

I wish success, to the Swarna Sanchitha which is the primary objective of uplifting the world economy. My gratitude for the ‘ Swarna Sanchitha ‘ as uplifting our economy.

Sampath Ekanayaka

I am very grateful, to Swarna Sanchitha, the organization created to build the economic strength of mankind, for the sake of efforts and sacrifices to uplift our economy.

Nishanka Perera

Thankfull to the Swarna Sanchitha, for giving me an opportunity to view the strongest turning Point in a Competitive Economy and turning a new page in the self-employment sector creating good thoughts in all human beings.

Sarath Dias